Summer’s Here and it’s Time to Dig

The gorgeous weather over the Bank Holiday weekend welcomed some of us back into the field. (some brave souls had already been out and about).

We’ve been investigating a stone-age site that’s looking very interesting indeed and we wanted to continue our work with some further test pits. On the original dig we had found evidence of a “modern” ditch and were keen to find out more about its course. Everything we can find will help us to build a fuller picture of how this site has been used.

The work involved taking levels to help define location, carefully stripping back the turf, so that we could restore the site with as little damage as possible, and then sifting the top soil to see if there were any finds that would give clues to more recent use.

Careful trowel work then took us to the next level and some evidence of the ditch with  changes of colour and consistency. There was also some stone that could have been part of a boundary of some sort. There was nothing conclusive, but a couple more pieces of the jigsaw and maybe some pointers towards further work.

A lovely, fascinating way to spend a sunny morning


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