Another Nice Find

Marlene, a TAS member, recently came up with another kitchen utensil that
probably broke its handle some 5000 years ago.

A keen digger, Marlene discovered the stone whilst digging on a TAS site near Mottram.

The stone is local fine sandstone andĀ  has been reduced down in thickness
and shaped. The edges show the tell-tale effects of its use with wear
along two sides. The stone would have been longer but has broken when
being used in the prehistoric period. It was discovered in an
area of the dig along with flints and stakeholes that may be associated
with the production of daily-needed materials or the processing of food.

This artefact, along with other stones found on the prehistoric site, suggests that a number of people might have been using stone tools, either within oneĀ  or several generations from this period, a time when many people farmed the land.

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