A Visit To Warrington Museum

In early April a small but intrepid group of TAS members ventured as far as Warrington to enjoy a guided tour of the museum there.

A very knowledgeable member of staff took us through the many different rooms to see the multitude of varied and fascinating exhibits. The cabinets were bulging with artefacts and a great deal was packed into our hour-long tour. A selection of what we saw is shown below.

To wrap it up we were treated to a tour of Warrington centre, courtesy of TAS member Marlene, who lives nearby. Probably the feature of this was seeing the famous Grade II listed Golden Gates.

A mask from the ceramics gallery.
Funeral Jars
Masks and figureheads
More masks and figureheads
Glass Artefacts
Some quite beautiful glass work
This fish was made entirely out of drinks cans!
And finally at those amazing golden gates.

Why not pay a visit yourself? The museum also houses an art gallery!

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