TAS start work in the LAB for the Irontongue project and a regional Chert Analysis

Adding soil sample to solutions ready for pollen analysis

Highly sensitive balance for weighing samples before and after being in the furnace

Pollen sample preparation ready for centrifuge

Volunteers were being trained By Dr Jeff Blackford at Manchester University Geography department in techniques and undertaking preparation and analysis of samples.

Pollen location, recognition and counting

Mesolithic soil preparations

Peat monolith: sequential samples being taken for drying oven

Samples being removed from furnace before being cooled and reweighed

Empty test tubes used to add known weight of sample to sterile water before adding a known number of marker spores, then acid.

Preparing slides for pollen analysis



Preparing Monolith peat sample for sub sampling

Preparing soil sample by washing through various sieves ready for further analysis

X-ray fluorescence analysis of chert samples